Green power - becoming climate-neutral with customized solutions

#gruenerStrom I Sourcing and marketing renewable energy

Electrification is an essential component of the energy transition - provided it is based on green power from renewable energy sources. The requirements are diverse, depending on how quickly the portfolio is to be greened and how the procurement strategy and risk appetite are structured.

Individual. Holistic. Climate neutral.

Based on this, we offer you solutions that fit your needs. Whether electricity purchasing,
generation or marketing. With us, you get everything from a single source. Benefit from our in-depth experience in setting up complex industrial plants and from our market expertise in energy marketing and procurement.

You want complete greening with simultaneous risk reduction? By combining different products, we design your tailor-made concept. Be it in the area of supply or marketing. There are many possibilities here, we will also find the right combination of our green power solutions for you.

Our 4 pillars for green power solutions

You have the choice:

01 | Supply

Our offering includes supply solutions that enable you, for example, to make your portfolio greener even at short notice. This ranges from guarantees of origin for electricity labeling and greening your company and your products to full green supply. With the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you purchase green electricity from us at a fixed price over the long term. Your advantages: long-term contractual and planning security, reduced market price risks due to fixed price agreement.


02 | Generation

If you already generate green power but have additional energy needs or need to plan reliably, you can minimize the risk with our green residual supply. We work with you to develop the right mix of volume and price. In combination with sleeved PPAs, where we act as an intermediary between you and the generator, we create your individual complete solution.

03 | Marketing

If you produce green electricity yourself and are interested in marketing it, we will work out the right concept for you: depending on how flexible you want to remain, how high your risk tolerance is and how extensive the package should be.

You want investment security and less risk? With PPA purchase, you benefit from long-term purchase security. Alternatively, you can opt for flexible marketing.


04 | Production on your open spaces

As part of the Onsite Power Solutions offer, we lease your open space and develop, build and operate a PV plant there at our risk. Make your land available for a profit, and we'll take care of the rest. You need green power? We deliver - through this plant and beyond. In any case, we are there for you: with a central project team and on-site employees with local know-how.

Our all-round carefree package:

We are looking for open spaces on which we can erect wind and PV plants. For you as the owner, this means long-term, secure lease income and green electricity directly from next door.

The plant on your land is our responsibility: from A to Z. You benefit from professional consulting with high-quality project development and construction - without investment or consulting costs. Because we take over these. We bear the complete project risk.

You receive green energy directly from the neighborhood. We supply your local site and other of your sites in Europe can also get green power from this plant.
In addition, we also offer you reliable baseload PPAs and HKNs from other Uniper plants within Germany at short notice to cover your demand.

What we offer you:

What you get out of it: