Green hydrogen as a lever for net zero success

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Hydrogen produced from green electricity is considered one of the major levers on the way to a climate-neutral economy. The development of the infrastructure with transport and storage is of decisive importance. As pioneers, we have been testing and using hydrogen and the technical innovations for its production and application for over a decade. We offer you experience and expertise in the development of a hydrogen strategy for your company, and accompany you in the technical realisation of your hydrogen project - from planning, design and construction to plant construction including operation and maintenance.  

Your hydrogen project is our challenge

What can your company do today to prepare for the dawning hydrogen era? What options are already available for generating hydrogen at your sites? What can be integrated into your plant and is economically feasible, and what is still a pipe dream? With our experience and expertise in various gas infrastructure projects, from power plants and pipelines to compressor stations and storage facilities, we offer consulting services and technical solutions for almost all phases of your hydrogen project.

Service package: Concept study for a hydrogen plant

You want to know exactly what room for maneuver there is in the use of green hydrogen and the associated technologies in your company? With our concept study, we offer you concrete answers. The subsequent milestones support you in the successful development and realization:    


Services for in-house hydrogen production


Services for the transport and use of hydrogen


Green hydrogen with a local value chain

To ensure that hydrogen also contributes completely to climate neutrality, we rely on production by means of electrolysis. The electricity required is generated regeneratively via wind power or photovoltaics, so that almost no CO2 emissions are produced. In order to keep transport distances as short as possible, especially for energy-intensive industrial companies, we are already planning, developing and constructing hydrogen projects, such as the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park in Saxony-Anhalt, where the entire value chain for green hydrogen is mapped in the local environment. This begins with a new wind farm to be built, continues with a 30-megawatt large-scale electrolysis plant, the intermediate storage of hydrogen in a 180-metre-high salt cavern and ends with the transport via gas pipeline to the chemical park in Leuna, 20 kilometres away. In particular, the low transport costs are another lever of success in the decentralised production and on-site use of hydrogen.

What you get out of it

Then we should talk about it. Together we will develop individual hydrogen solutions for your company on the way to Net-Zero. Take the opportunity and arrange your personal expert talk today.