Monitoring CO2 emissions in compliance with the law

#co2reporting | How to fulfil all CO2 reporting obligations around your plants

The requirements of national and European emissions trading pose major challenges, especially for energy-intensive industrial companies and regional operators of power plants and energy generation facilities. Therefore, you can rely on an experienced partner who knows how to manage complex legal requirements and deal with authorities and verifiers. We support you in preparing emission reports, allocation applications and allocation data reports as well as monitoring plans for your plants. In addition, we accompany external audits on request and carry out internal audits independently for you.

European Emissions Trading
(EU-ETS) - what we offer you:

With our modular services, you transparently report theCO2 emissions of your plants subject to emissions trading with a rated thermal input of more than 20 megawatts - from monitoring and reporting to surrendering the required certificates via the respective registry account. In this way, we guarantee compliance with your legal obligations, and you benefit from a tailored scope of services and flexible contract terms.

What you get out of it:

National Emissions Trading (nEHS) - what we offer you:

As a distributor of fuels, you are obliged to report transparently on the emissions associated with them and to purchase certificates for them. With our modular services, you manage theCO2 emissions of your plants from monitoring and reporting to the management of your registry account and fulfill your legal reporting and submission obligations. In addition, we avoid double burdens for plants in European emissions trading by applying for offsetting of emission volumes with you.

What you get out of it:


CO2 reporting as part of the corporate strategy

The effects of national and European CO2 regulation requirements on your company's business decisions are becoming greater, the interrelationships more complex, the competitive factor higher. In our expert workshops, we ensure transparency, analyse the scope for action for your company, name consequences, derive relevant measures and answer important questions:

  • Which CO2 quantities have to be reported and offset with CO2 certificates?
  • Are there any free allocations for my facility?
  • How does a fuel switch affect my emissions balance?

CO2 reporting from a single source

On the road to climate neutrality, do you also want to break new ground in the management of your generated and tradableCO2 emissions? Then we should talk about it. Our experts look forward to your non-binding request for a discussion.